What differentiates Maléfikas from other web portals dedicated to escorts?

What differentiates Maléfikas from other web portals dedicated to escorts?

The human being likes the routine and to keep the same habits. When we look for some fun we already know what cinema we like, in what park can we go for a walk, or on which beach we can relax ourselves. But when it comes to leisure for adults we need to have a little more information to get the best.

In the web environment you will find many options when you are looking for escorts, of course, but how can we know if the services you find are as good as they seem? Or if at least they are safe enough?

When it comes to quality of both girls and clients experience we take things so seriously. In Malefikas, the girls have found a portal that represents them, that highlights their attributes, and sees them as independent and autonomous professionals.

A portal designed for the pleasure of everyone

In first place, we make sure that our web portal is easy to use from the first page, so customers don’t waste time searching and selecting the many available profiles. We provide photos and detailed descriptions of the services offered by the escorts.

One of the main feature that a escort service must have is discretion. Therefore, we are up to the standards expected by our customers.

For escorts the portal works just like a social network would. They can update their states, indicate if they are available, and share photos or comments. We also have an agreement with gyms located in Barcelona, ​​which includes use of the facilities and discounts in personal training plans. All this makes it an interesting option.

And that’s not all. In each profile we have a real-time map that indicates the work area of ​​each escort, so the client can see how many meters he is from the best night of his life.


Escorts and clients always deserve the best

Malefikas.com is postulated as one of the leading pages of the sector, with projection and many new features. In such a mass market, the difference in quality and services makes a difference, and now is a perfect time to bet on it.

More and more girls are looking to advertise with us, and more customers who know where to contact the most professional and discreet escorts in Barcelona.

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