datos prostitución españa

Data on prostitution in Spain

Prostitution is always a matter of news, and with a broad debate around it. The opinions in this matter are several, and everything depends on the way in which we focus on the concept itself and the way we understand it and treat it. Far from disappearing, it is (and has always been) a very active, and key sector in our society.

That is why it is important to disseminate key data that informs a bit more about prostitution, so that people can form their own opinions about paid sex.

First, there are no exact data about prostitution in Spain, but several studies claim that there are between 100 thousand and 400 thousand sex workers who offer their services.

Women who are engaged in prostitution are usually under 35, and although there is a percentage of girls who are Spanish, most of them come from other countries, especially Latin America with more than 50% of them from nations such as the Dominican Republic, Brazil or Colombia.

There are also foreigners from other European countries that come to Spain to work in this field, usually from Eastern Europe, Romania being the one who heads the list. And in recent years there are also Chinese origin that usually work in massage parlors, or saunas.

The work environment in the prostitution sector

Independent prostitutes are their own bosses, meaning they don’t work for any particular person and they stay with 100% of their profits. Many work in clubs but in this case they pay the rental time of the rooms.

The venues in which they work are of several types: the best known are the clubs in which there are usually shows, they have bar and are licensed. There are also room rentals where there are no shows or bars but they have more discretion, and like the previous one they have a license.

Those who don’t work in clubs usually look for clients on their own and can attend at their address, in the client’s, or in hotels. There are also escort agencies where prostitutes that work alone can be announced online, and the agency finds clients for it.

The directories of prostitutes are also common, in these independent sex workers, clubs and agencies can be announced.

Although in Spain there is no law regulating prostitution, in 2002 there are licenses in Catalonia that regulate the premises in which prostitution can be exercised

Respect the work of prostitution

The independent sex workers are, in general, autonomous professionals who deserve to have rights like those of all workers. Having a regulation would help to give these professionals tools, and to end the scandal of the Mafias.

It’s also key that customers maintain behavior based on respect for people who practice the profession to normalize it and make it as less taboo as possible.

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